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Where do you find your caregiver applicants?
  • Caregivers come from all over Canada and abroad. JOHROS PLACEMENT AGENCY has developed a unique and very successful system for recruiting caregivers on an ongoing basis. We spend considerable time, effort and funds to do so and this allows us to have an adequate supply of caregivers on hand at all times. We do our own recruiting and do not depend on recruiters or other less than dependable systems.

What is the age range of your caregivers?
  • We work with caregivers as young as 20 and as old as 65 or over as long they are fit to work. Some families place great importance on age, others don't. The average age differs almost daily and averages do not come into play. Each placement is a specific search. A family may specify their preferences and we will work within the framework provided.

What is the salary range of the caregivers?
  • General salaries vary from a minimum of $14.00 or more per hour to work for 30 to 48 hours a week only (applicable for live-in and live-out full time workers). For part-time work hours, salaries may vary from $15.00 to $22.00 or more depending on the agreement of both parties and the benefits included.

How long does the placement and paperwork take?
  • The driving force that determines how long the process takes for both placement and paperwork depends on the requirements for the needed service and caregiver that the family is searching. Our agency will provide referrals carefully matched to the family application. It is then up to the family to work as expeditiously as possible. We are available for questions as necessary, and of course for additional referrals when required.

How many resumes for caregiver applicants will you provide?
  • We are ready, willing and able to provide as many applicants as it takes. The referrals of the applicants we make are carefully matched before recommendations. About 85% of our families hire the first or second person referred to them, even when they have more applicants available.

Is it wrong to hire the first caregiver interviewed or take the first applicant?
  • Absolutely not! We recommend to both caregivers and families that if they see the caregiver/family that they like, they should be ready to offer/accept the right caregiver/job even if it is the very first caregiver/family they speak to. There is a good chance that putting off a decision will mean that you will lose that caregiver/family. Good caregivers are placed quickly and working expeditiously is required along with willingness to make a decision. Likewise, caregivers too should be ready to make a decision after each interview with the families.
  • Yes, especially because we have lots of applicants abroad and within the Greater Toronto Area. If you live in the suburbs, farms and in rural areas we can find you applicants if there are some referrals and available applicants in your area. We will give you the applicant that meets the criteria we establish for the jobs and services you need.

How about if there are special needs?
  • You need to inform us through writing or by including special requests for all kinds of special needs and resources. Depending on the special needs there may be an extra fee. There will never be an extra fee if you inform us in advance when we first discuss the available situation. We suggest not having surprises for the caregiver, the agency or the family.

Are there any family application forms to download or fill out online?
  • JOHROS PLACEMENT AGENCY prefers to send them directly to your email or send to you by mail or hand them to you in person upon receiving your online or in-person request. We believe, thru interviewing families and caregivers with an interactive oral application, this will result in longer-lasting placements.  Your responses are entered into our database and later become your family application when printed out. This provides us with a much better opportunity to get to know you better, and get a better feel for making referrals and recommendations.

What does JOHROS PLACEMENT AGENCY expect from both the applicant and the families?
  • We expect both families and caregivers to be honest with their responses to avoid complications and misunderstanding in the future. Both sides must be honest, for the situation to work out for the best results.

What about post placement help and assistance?
  • JOHROS PLACEMENT AGENCY has a very substantial caregiver list that is made up of all the caregivers we place. Each of those caregivers in turn often knows many others that we don't know that they may refer to the agency. We also have connections with caregiver community groups all around the country.

Will you find us a nanny, elderly caregiver and/or housekeeper in one?
  • It is very rare to find applicants that fit so many roles.The caregivers we place are responsible for the child care and elderly care while on the job and the housekeeper mostly is a companion doing a housekeeping job. Many caregivers also do shopping and errands, especially when they are working with the elderly or children. Some caregivers are willing to do either family laundry or family cooking, some absolutely love to do light housekeeping. We do not want jobs that involve full housekeeping because we want caregivers whose interests and expertise are working with children and elderly. That way, you get better child care and elderly care and that is the ultimate goal.

When is the placement fee due?
  • The initial payment is taken as the application fee and is payable by cash, credit card or by check at the time we take in the application and is valid until a caregiver is found. The initial fee must be payable upon application and the rest of the fee will be payable upon the processing of paperwork and/or commencement of employment. The placement fee will be good for one year from the time the application was taken.

How do I pay the application fee?
  • Please refer to our fees page.

What is the next step for families to take?
  • Don’t waste your time, contact our agency as soon as possible at (416) 857-0411 or email us at rdickinson@johrosplacement.com and we will supply you with information from which we will ask you what you would expect from your caregiver and/or nanny. You will receive a family agreement that explains our obligations to you during the search process. We can assist you in reference to payroll deductions for wages and salaries of your proposed caregiver. We are available to help you throughout the hiring process and welcome your call at any point after you have hired a caregiver.

If you need to fax any information to us please call: (416) 857-0411.

To apply, please email your resume to info@johrosplacement.com
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